Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Videos so far.

Uploading videos. I hope you like!

Love bug, group work with the bunch for assignment. Year 2009.

Tan Hong Min remake for IPD assignment. Despite hatred from viewers, it got the most views LOL! Yeaah, message got interpreted wrongly lulz. Made in 2010.

IDM Assignment video. Special thanks to the casts. Made in 2010.

I was a fat shit. Made in 2011. DS assignment 2. I hate this video.

DS assignment 3. My first time on cinematography with the help of Nicholas Chin and Soo Wei Wen so expect a lil bit of amateurism in this. Currently this video is held in the Eco Film Festival. Really hope to remake this video though cuz i think i could actually amend it so that it could be in the competition level. Some errors here and there, but the complete version is in the EFF. Anyway, satisfied with my video but it is a point where i could actually start improving my film. Ds assignment 3, made in 2011.